ReachYour Full Potential NYC

Gail Mae Ferguson



  Matrix Reimprinting

Picture Tapping Technique

  1. Relationships

  2. Stress/Anxiety

  3. Pain Relief

  4. Sleep Issues

  5. Addictions

  1. Peak Performance

  2. Weight Loss/Health

  3. Fears

  4. Abuse Issues

  1. Financial Abundance

  2. PTSD

  3. Anger Management

  4. Self Love & Acceptance

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   EFT and Matrix Reimprinting can help you with:

Is the stress in your life affecting your state of well being, causing anxiety, pain and depression?

Is life just not turning out as you expected and you don’t know where to turn?

Is traditional therapy just not working?

Do you feel stuck in life?

Empowering You to Feel Better Today!

I believe that everyone is here for a reason. That each and every person has the capacity to make the world a better place, to be happy and to leave a positive legacy when they go.

Unfortunately as we go though life, we don’t get the perfect, most positive or effective parenting, or the perfect harmonious experiences that could give us a great tool kit to accomplish all our dreams.

Fortunately for us we are living in a momentous and opportune time.  New science discoveries about epigenetics have led to the development of brilliant and effective energy therapies such as EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, which can help us to change the subconscious negative programming that keeps us stuck and prevents us from achieving our ideal life.

My mission is to guide you and give you the tools to empower yourself so that you may experience love, joy, peace, happiness and success. You will discover who you really are without the blocks that may keep you stuck in limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviors.

You have within you the Divine Spark, the Truth. The part that is connected to all and knows you are unique and have a special path in this lifetime.

Max Planck coined the phrase “The Matrix” back in 1944 while referring to the web of energy that connects us all. Some call it the Mind of God or The Divine Matrix. We are all a part of it.

My job, which brings me great joy, is to help you:

  1. clear away and transform the negative imprints, beliefs and decisions you may have made about life through traumas, large and small.

  1. to be empowered to make positive choices in your life.

  1. to manifest your dreams and goals and create the life you have always wanted.